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What Iphone 6s Or Iphone 6s Plus Phone Case Is Best

When buying a phone case, which kinds of material phone case should i choose?  This question is confuse as there are some material phone case in market, such as silicone, hard plastic, TPU. 

First collection of phone case is made by hard plastic, but it is not anti-scratch. Once you drop your phone, the hard plastic case is also scratch. People have found this problem, so they use silicone to make the phone case. But disadvantage of silicone phone case is poor heat dissipation.

 TPU is flexibility like silicone phone case, and price is higher than silicone phone case. But disadvantage of TPU turn out to be yellow color when you use it longer. So each kind of phone case have their advantage and disadvantage. But i prefer TPU case to silicone and hard plastic case.


If you want prevent screen cracking, you can choose tempered glass.  But normal tempered glass is always broken of edge. 


Now Soft Edge 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass have came out. The Frame of this tempered glass is TPE material, so the edge of tempered glass never crack3D Curved Surface Full Screen Cover, is seamless fit your phone. HD 0.2mm thickness preserves the original viewing quality and maintains the original touch experience.


One products are for your reference:

1.  Cute Animal Pattern Iphone 6s & Iphone 6s Plus Case With Tempered Glass Kit

 Cute Animal Pattern Iphone 6s & Iphone 6s Plus Case With Tempered Glass Kit

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